Be the Gift

i282600889616212308._szw1280h1280_I suspect that we have all become weary of the bad news that filters into our homes on a daily basis. We live in a twenty four seven news cycle and after a time the constant barrage of images of war, dissent, terrorism, poverty, and disease takes its toll on our psyches. While I’m not a believer in ignoring reality I think that too much negativity begins to drain away our very souls. At some point we need to remind ourselves that there is still much good in the world and that we are part of it. Dwelling constantly on evil and hardship is counterproductive. It tends to bring out our fears and depressions. Taken to its extreme we become immobilized and sometimes even quite ill. I’ve always found that the best cure when the blues begin to overtake me is to get out of my house and outside of my own comfort zone. Giving is a tradition in this season but it need not be only about extravagant gifts or finery. Sometimes the simplest gestures help us to realize just how wonderful the world really is and they certainly bring joy to others.   Continue reading “Be the Gift”