On the Road Again

2016-KZ-RV-Vision-Travel-Trailer-ExteriorI have a friend who spends most of his time on the road, God bless him. I can’t imagine constantly being on the move. Whether waiting in lines at an airport and staying in posh hotels or road tripping in a car with a trailer on the back, it’s just not the same as being at home. It’s fun for a time but I soon grows weary of the surprises that inevitably come from continuous travel. I suspect that I am just not adventurous enough for such a lifestyle.

I’m sitting in my comfy, cozy trailer right now and worrying about dual problems that have developed. The park doesn’t have sewer services so I have to be very careful about how much water I put down the drain. I’ve done that before and it isn’t so bad but the second difficulty is more concerning. For some reason the refrigerator is barely working. Nothing is turning to ice in the freezer and the food in the lower compartment is sitting at a steady fifty eight degrees. Instead of doing the town, Mike and I have been trouble shooting all morning long and watching videos to see if we might perhaps discover a way to alleviate the problem. I have confidence in his abilities but in the meantime it is putting a crimp in our plans to have some fun.

This week’s camping experience was supposed to be rather uneventful since we are only three hours from home. Now I find myself worrying about another vacation that we have planned for next month. We are leaving on July 5, for a marathon trip through the southwest with Los Angeles and San Diego as our ultimate destinations. I suppose that it is best to find out before that excursion if anything is not working properly but it’s still a bummer. We have learned that owning a travel trailer is wrought with continuous repairs. The jiggling loosens parts and makes all of the appliances less effective from time to time. Think of what your home would be like if it were subjected to an earthquake every single day. Before long you would most certainly fall behind in the process of keeping everything operating properly. The last thing that we need on our future adventure is to spend time fixing things.

I’m also a bit concerned that the entire route that we have planned to travel appears to be on fire at the moment. I can honestly say that I am not a fan of one hundred plus degree temperatures. I find myself thinking that perhaps a change in plans that includes a journey to Maine might be preferable. Of course, there is the possibility that Mike and I will bring rain just as we always seem to do and thereby make things more pleasant for ourselves and the good folks of New Mexico, Arizona and California. I’m just a bit concerned because we are presently in Austin and the sun is burning without any sign of precipitation. I worry that our mojo may be gone. I made the mistake of wishing that the recent floods in Houston would go away and I eventually got what I wanted but I fear that the price I paid is that I am no longer a rainmaker.

I have to wonder why anyone travels in the south in the summer. I just spent several days in Boston where the weather was picture perfect. The days were moderate and at night all I needed was a light weight jacket. We spent our time outdoors along with everyone else who was taking advantage of the beautiful season. We didn’t mind waiting in lines to see the U.S.S. Constitution or to ride the swan boats in the park. The baseball game at Fenway Park was way better than watching the boys of summer in an air conditioned building. Somehow it all felt just exactly the way it should. Of course, the tour guide who drove the trolley that we rode through the town reminded us that winters can sometimes be brutal. I suppose that just as the Bible says there is a time and a season for everything.

Mike seems to have solved the mystery of the barely working refrigerator and it’s not so bad inside our air conditioned home away from home. At least the view is lovely and we know that at dusk it will be bearable down by McKinney Falls. Last night the area was filled with families enjoying the cool water of one of the best swimming holes in the country. Big signs warn of the dangers of jumping or diving into the water but that didn’t seem to deter anyone. I suppose that such admonitions don’t work until someone gets hurt but my grandchildren are a bit angry with me because I have told them that we will follow the rules. I’ve seen a few too many accidents with gorillas and alligators of late to ignore clearly posted warnings.

We’ll be off in a bit and as soon as we do something fun I’m certain that I’ll forget about the cares and woes of traveling. It’s funny how much one will endure for a chance to view something amazing and there are so many wonderful sights around Austin. I’ll set my crotchety mood aside for a good adventure any day. Still I wonder how my friend stays sane when being continually on the road. I guess it becomes a way of life but for me it would be a terrible cross to bear. I have become way too spoiled by all of the modern conveniences that are at my fingertips at home. Living out of suitcases and continually moving is just not my cup of tea.

Mike is draining the sewer tank into our auxiliary container so I suppose that my fears of having the toilet back up are unwarranted. I’m feeling a bit better. At least I don’t have members of the new Confederacy camping next door as I have in the past. The neighbors are pleasant, the flies are few and the cicadas are singing a lovely summer song. I guess that all in all life is good even far from home.


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