True Beauty

My husband is a handsome man. He has a noble face and caring eyes that are mirrors of his soul. His hands are beautiful with the kind of long tapered fingers of an artist or craftsman. Much like his mother and grandmother his hair began to grey when he was still in his twenties and now it is a beautiful white hue as pure as his own guilelessness. He has packed on a few pounds over time but when I met him he was tall and slender and gorgeous in every aspect of his appearance. He has a sonorous and pleasing voice that might have landed him a job as a radio or television broadcaster if he had decided to follow such a career. He is brilliant and well read and wise but none of his physical or mental traits are as wonderful as his soul, which is honest and good and as near perfection as anyone I have ever known.

My husband is a truly good man. From the time we married I have known that I can count on him in any situation. I trust him more than anyone in the world because over the course of more than fifty years he has proven to be faithful and loyal in an almost innocent way. He is highly principled and never deviates from the morals that guide his every moment. He will not even fudge when it comes to following his conscience but he’s not self-righteous in the least and he is open minded and non-judgmental about how people choose to live their lives. He is generous and always willing to sacrifice and give to those less fortunate than himself and best of all he does so quietly. He is not a man who toots his own horn. He does good things for people often without their even knowing he has done so. 

My husband loves people without reservation. He embraces everyone he meets without seeming to notice or care about their flaws. Everyone is beautiful to him unless he learns that they are cruel or dishonest. He will not abide by fakery and has no trouble walking away from people who pretend to be good but are actually villains. He does not dwell on such folks. He simply eliminates them from his life.

My husband does not worry about what others may think of him. He is confident in his own skin and when he makes a decision it is usually after great thought. He does not concern himself with trying to impress others. He is comfortable with just being himself and in turn embraces the people around him just as they are. 

Many years ago he participated in a series of psychological tests as part of his job. The results indicated that he would be happy working in a refrigerator box with a bare light bulb. He does not require external accouterments to enjoy what he is doing. Furthermore the test demonstrated that he is firm in following his principles and quite likely to adhere to his beliefs even under extreme pressure. I find this to be perhaps his most attractive trait in a world where people so often bow to cult like behaviors. 

I know how fortunate I am to have this man in my life. In the beginning I was attracted to his looks, the trendy clothes that he wore. Over time I enjoyed our conversations which he elevated with his incredible knowledge of history and how things work. Eventually it was his innate dedication to truth and honor that made me swoon. Over the course of fifty years he has loved deeply, not just me, but my mother, our daughters, my brothers, my cousins and my friends. He has treated me as his equal and supported all of my crazy ideas and tempestuous moments. He is patient with my idiosyncrasies and encouraging with my dreams. He patiently calms me when my own more combustible and competitive personality goes into overdrive. 

There is a sweetness about my husband but he also enjoys a wicked laugh and he’s not above slinging cuss words when he gets frustrated. He is far from being a prude and sometimes I have to nudge him to curb his earthiness depending on who is around. We have enjoyed some great times with friends who appreciate his wild side which is fun but never hurtful to anyone. He can be a boy scout and altar boy but he also has a down to earth fun loving wild side that keeps him real.

Is my husband a perfect man? Of course not. Nobody is, but he comes close and is the reason that we have such a long standing and strong relationship. He is the anchor who holds down the ship while my creative and sometimes volatile spirit runs wild. 

It might have been difficult to spend a year in isolation with a man whose only claim to fame was good looks. Attractiveness is a fading glory that wrinkles and bends and loses its luster over time. My husband has something even better, a soul that is eternally optimistic and wise and above all kind. He sees the people of the world as his brothers and sisters regardless of how different they may be from him. It is so easy and so wonderful to spend time with him even when we just sit in silence because his true beauty shines through everything he does. This is who he is and it is glorious.