Fortune Cookies

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Have you ever wondered who writes those little words of wisdom found inside fortune cookies? I suspect that there are old Chinese proverbs or stories that inspire some of them. Others are much like advice from Heloise or Ann Landers, little bits of wisdom for living. Then there are the cryptic ones that seem to make glorious predictions for a future that might actually apply to anyone. 

Where I live fortune cookies include a series of numbers that might be used to pick a winning lottery ticket. I’ve often found myself tempted to randomly use one of the suggested lists just to see if it is luckier than the ones that I sometimes use. Since the whole process is so random, the odds that the cookies will result in a win are about the same as just letting the computer spit out their choices. Think of how much more fun, though, it would be to boast that I became a millionaire from a little almond cookie that came with my take out from Pearl Dynasty.

I have to admit that some of the little messages in those cookies are quite clever, so I decided to try my hand at creating my own set of communications that embody my hopes and advice for anyone who actually enjoys such things. 

  • When you leave the house looking horrible, you will see everyone that you ever knew.
  • Don’t worry about picking the shortest line at the checkout. Whichever one you choose will take the longest.
  • Work hard. Be nice. You’ll like yourself better.
  • Never set up your Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving, except in a pandemic. Then you can have it all year long.
  • A walk in the rain cleanses the soul.
  • Learn something new every day of your life.
  • Listen and think before you speak. Sometimes you will realize that saying nothing is best.
  • Even behind a mask, people will see your smile in your eyes.
  • Don’t wait till tomorrow to begin to follow your dreams.
  • Make your bed each morning. You will be happy you did at night.
  • Try something new. 
  • Try not to worry. It rarely accomplishes a thing.
  • Follow your own path, unless you realize you are lost.
  • Wear clean socks and underwear when you leave the house. You never know…
  • Be the change you wish to see in the world.
  • Things fall apart. Be a person who helps put them back together.
  • Call your mother. Make her day.
  • The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Take the long scenic way.
  • Save your money for trips, not things.
  • This is more than a cookie. It’s part of your story.
  • Watch and learn.
  • It’s always more fun to share what you have than to hoard it.
  • Take a walk on a beach at sunrise or sunset.
  • Feel the sand between your toes.
  • Never miss an opportunity to laugh.
  • When you reach a fork in the road, take it.
  • It isn’t over until it is over.
  • Leave every place better than you found it.
  • Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.
  • Make someone smile today.
  • Just get started.
  • Keep calm and carry on.
  • Life is a journey. Take it.
  • Life is beautiful. Spend time enjoying it.
  • Visiting a an old person is like spending time in a library if you ask the right questions.
  • It may be trite, but live, laugh, love.

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