I Have A World Inside My Pocket

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com

My life is filled with apps that make my smartphone a world unto itself. I can order groceries, communicate with friends, turn lights on and off inside my home, make appointments, listen to podcasts, purchase everything from paper to televisions. When my phone goes out, as it recently did, I come unglued. 

I woke up one morning to a black screen on my phone. I found that to be rather odd since I had plugged it into a charger, so I began to test it on other charging stations. In spite of my efforts the screen remained dark. Before long I really freaked out because the phone would ring but I was unable to answer. I had to get past the locking mechanism which was totally impossible. Nothing I did revived the once reliable phone. 

A quick trip to the store where I purchased the phone brought more questions than answers. The people there had no idea what was happening ,but they reminded me that I had insurance on the phone. They provided me with information on how to contact the manufacturer as well as the insurer. Before long I received notification that I needed to take the phone to a specified repair shop that was close to my home. An appointment had been made and the technicians would be waiting for me to arrive with my non functioning phone.  

Initially the people there concluded that I must have exposed the phone to water, which I knew was not possible, but I did not wish to argue with them. I pleasantly thanked them for whatever help they might have and surrendered my phone for a diagnosis and hopefully a repair. I felt totally distraught. I had not realized how much I depended on my phone. I needed it for directions to places unfamiliar to me. I worried about what I would do if I had car trouble. I realized that I did not know anyone’s phone number anymore because all of that information was stored on my phone. I had no games to play while I exercised on my stationary bike. My music was being held hostage. I was like a little lost soul. 

i worried about how long I would be without my trusty phone. If the technicians were unable to repair it the next step would be to send it back to the manufacturer and then wait until they received it and sent me a new phone. I knew that could take over a week, so I felt panicky, and even a bit silly that I had come to rely on my phone so much. It held so many aspects of my life including my calendar and the record of my exercise routine and diet. I used it to renew prescriptions and to feel safer knowing that I had the power to call 911 with the touch of a button. My photos were there. That phone was like my biography in a tiny package.

Things turned out well. The repair shop had to replace the screen. They were as bemused as I was regarding what had gone wrong, but just as I had thought, it was not water that did the damage. All was well the ended well and I felt great relief in having my phone at my fingertips once again. Somehow I have not taken it so for granted since then. I realize just how much I depend on its features and I’m rather amazed. 

My little red phone brought friends into my home during the long lonely months of the pandemic. Whether we simply talked or saw each other with FaceTime I felt so much less isolated. As long as the phone is with me and fully charged I don’t worry about getting lost or being unable to get help in an emergency and then of course there is Facebook and Twitter to keep me amused. 

Some time back I spoke of joining Twitter but being unable to figure out how it worked. I got so bored during the Covid times that I did a bit of studying. Before long I was zipping around on Twitter like a pro. In the process I became totally addicted. I found out that I can follow almost anyone that I wish. I learned that the Henry Winkler whom I follow is the real article. The little check by his name tells me so. Sadly, the Brad Pitt who liked my replies and began to follow me is a fake, but I did get a nod from Rob Reiner one day. I even have to admit to getting a kick out of having more followers than I ever imagined and I dream of someone with influence discovering my blog and asking me to publish some of my writing.

My phone is very smart indeed. I never would have thought of such a thing back in the days when there were still party lines and a single phone for everyone in the family to use that was stuck to the wall with a cord. If someone had asked me to imagine a future with such a device I would have thought that it was an idea from a science fiction movie or maybe The Jetsons.

I am content again, but now wondering where all of this innovation will ultimately lead. The future is already with us and I suppose it will remain bright as long as we support the brilliant engineers and scientists and doctors who are helping to create an amazing world. We would do well to encourage them to dream their dreams. People like them created a world that I carry in my pocket.


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