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I am becoming more and more intrigued by the idea of owing an electric vehicle or even a hybrid. My husband watches videos from a car enthusiast named Sandy Munro who is an automotive engineer who helped Ford Motor Company to improve methods of assembly engines. He has taken to rating the various EVs based on his vast and highly respected experience in manufacturing. Surprisingly there appear to be a great many from which to choose that Mr. Munro rates as being worthy investments. While he still classifies Teslas as the best of the bunch he has been quite optimistic about many others that can be purchased for far less money. His commentaries encourage me to set aside my skepticism of electric cars. Now I keep thinking that it would be fun to be part of the revolutionary switch from gasoline powered autos to those that run on electric motors. 

I suppose that there was a time when cars first hit the market that people clung tenaciously to their horses and buggies. Only those who envisioned the future took a chance on putting their horses out to pasture and investing in one of the new fangled machines. There weren’t many gas stations along the roads back then and it no doubt worried folks that they might find themselves stranded on a remote road with no gasoline. Today I suppose that one of the main concerns about the electric autos is the lack of charging stations. I would submit that with enough demand our roads will be soon be sites of charging stations across the nation just as they are now with gas stations.

My grandson and a son-in-law have purchased hybrids that don’t need to be plugged in and run on a combination of electricity and gasoline. They get somewhere in the range of fifty five miles to a gallon of gas and are able to make three hundred mile round trip journeys without having to gas up either during the trip or when they get back home. The era of electrically run automobiles appears to be on the horizon and I’d like to be part of the revolution whether I go halfway with a hybrid or all in with a totally electric car. 

According to Mr. Munro, auto manufacturers like Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, and so many others are already producing very reliable EVs that cost anywhere from in the low twenty thousands to over one hundred thousand for luxury models. While the initial sticker prices can seem hefty, Mr. Munro insists that these cars will last longer than conventional gasoline cars, save thousands in gasoline and repair costs. and operate efficiently. Munro predicts that electric cars are the future of transportation and that before long there will be charging stations all along highways and major roads. 

My husband is totally sold on the idea of having an electric car. He has always been an innovator. We had a home computer before most people even knew what they were. He promised that our first little machine that did not do very much at all would change our lives, and it did. I was the first person in my school district to have an electronic grade book that my husband created for me. Our daughters cut their teeth on computer games and even simple programming. Computers became as commonplace in our home as a telephone or electricity and running water in a time when the idea of personal computing still sounded like someone’s fantasy.

My husband made me a believer of trying new things, so switching to an electric car makes sense to me. I’d also like to install solar panels on my house, but my present roof is probably seventeen years old and I want to wait to see if a hurricane comes ashore and blows some of it away before I install panels on a roof that we may have to replace soon. I’m excited and ready to herald new ways of living. 

I still remember when my father brought a television into our home. I was not yet in school, so I could not have been more than three or four years old. I did not know of anyone else in our circle who had such a wondrous machine. Our viewing hours were limited because there were still very few shows. Nonetheless, we learned quickly how wonderful the old black and white thirty minute programs could be. It wasn’t long before everyone seemed to have a television in the home just like we did. 

I also remember when the very thought of rockets traveling to the moon sounded absurd, but I was there when the first American soared into space for a few minutes. Later my Science teacher, Mrs. Colby, would extoll the merits of space travel just as Mr. Munro does with EVs today. I still get chills thinking of watching the astronauts walking on the moon. 

People now get heart transplants and even mechanical ones that save their lives. I received injections that built new bones inside my body. Our smartphones are more powerful than the old computers used to put men on the moon. Science is moving forward and I want to race along with it. The hard part will be deciding which of the cars to choose. I guess I need to watch a few more of Sandy Munro’s videos. It may be a while longer before I take the leap of faith. Be ready though. If a car comes down your street and you don’t hear it approaching because it does not have a gasoline engine, it just might be me in my new electric vehicle. 


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