Life Is Really Good

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I am a rather uncomplicated person. If you think you know me, it’s a good bet that you probably do. I am quite open about who I am and how my life has unfolded. I don’t keep deep dark secrets. If I have a flaw, it might me that I am a bit too honest about myself. I have found that trait to be a somewhat off-putting to many people. I have nothing to hide, so I don’t mind admitting to mistakes that I have made or owning up to my foibles. I don’t have to worry about being caught in a lie, because I don’t make things up. I own up to my indiscretions and do my best to work being better. 

Sometimes I’m known to blurt out what I am thinking before taking the time to reconsider my words. I don’t ever intentionally set out to hurt anyone and I never quite recover when I realize that I have done so. I feel very guilty if I think that I have inadvertently made someone unhappy. I do my best to apologize and make up for such transgressions because I understand that words can sometimes come across as weapons. 

I used to hide the sorrowful aspects of my life, but along the way I learned that it was alright to admit to being weak at times. I have found that asking for help is often the most courageous thing that I might do. I also know that there is always someone who benefits from my story of survival. I use my life as a teaching moment. 

I’m mostly optimistic but there are certain things that make me anxious. I worry about the divisions in our country and the fact that we aren’t as good at allowing different opinions as we once were. I fret over the health and safety of my family and friends a bit too much. If I have an obsession it is wanting the people that I love to always be free of pain and suffering which I know is totally unrealistic.

I have a different relationship with God than many folks. I think of Him or Her as my spiritual confidante. I talk to God the way I would my most trusted friend. I have found great solace in the meditations that I spend in the presence of God’s love and wisdom. I can’t possibly see God as vengeful or only willing to help those of a particular religion. Somehow I sense that God loves us all, no matter how awful we may appear to be to ourselves or others. 

I only stole something once when I was about six years old and I atoned for that sin for decades until someone finally told me to just accept that God had forgiven me many times over. I pay my bills and my taxes on time even when it hurts. The IRS is free to audit me at any time and I will not be afraid. I have absolutely nothing to hide.

I love a good laugh and I admit to chuckling over raunchy humor. What I don’t like is making fun of someone. I’ve never found that kind of joke to be anything but verbal abuse. I see each person as a lovely gift to all of us. Nobody deserves to be made to feel bad about themselves because of immature insults or bullying. There is nothing funny about that.

I love to learn and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. I worry about folks who are unwilling to accept scientific facts or clear evidence. I can’t really understand why so many prefer to cling to conspiracy theories rather than truth. It saddens me to see that sort of thing and makes me wonder how we teachers have failed so many. 

I love family and would give up everything I own for any member of my great big clan. Things and money are of no importance to me other than for the purpose of feeding and housing me. No object has the value of a single individual. I can’t understand people who are selfish and unwilling to share what they have. 

I suppose that to many people I am incredibly naive because I truly believe in all people. I don’t leave my doors wide open at night to tempt a thief, but I tend to think that those who do evil are either very mentally ill or have somehow been treated so horribly in their lives that they are filled with rage and don’t know how to behave. Perhaps they are simply desperate. I know that some people do such horrific things that we have no alternative than to punish them somehow, but I also believe that while they are incarcerated we should spend time and effort attempting to rehabilitate them when possible. Even better is to find such souls and work with them before they go as far as to ruin theirs and the lives of others.

I suppose that the truth is that I am a rather boring person. I just rock quietly along hoping that I am making a difference to someone. My greatest desire is for the people I know to understand that I love them and that I am here for them. They don’t ever have to worry that they are bothering me or asking too much from me. I will honestly let them know when they are asking too much of me. I hope that they know that I enjoy them just the way they are.

For me, life is really good!


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