All is Right with the World

i282600889610121069._szw1280h1280_Summer time has a particular feel to it. It’s not just about the sweltering heat. It’s about a certain way of life that includes trips to the beach, grilling burgers and hot dogs, running about in bare feet, and enjoying baseball. There was a time when almost every little boy joined Little League and collected trading cards tucked in between long thin slices of bubble gum. In the long hot days when school was out and baseball was king even dedicated businessmen sometimes played hooky from work on days when the hometown team played an afternoon game. 

In Houston we have been cheering the Astros for most of my adult life. They were originally known as the Colts as in the 45 caliber gun made famous in the old west. They played in an outdoor stadium until their new home, a modern day wonder known as the Astrodome was finally built. They were eventually christened with a different team moniker more befitting of a city where the country’s space program was headquartered. They were rebranded as the Astros which given today’s politically correct environment was no doubt a really good thing. Surely there would have ultimately been a hue and cry about a team named for an iconic pistol.   Continue reading “All is Right with the World”