Man Bites Dog

i282600889610722476._szw1280h1280_I saw a headline for a news story the other day that read, “Biker’s Poop Starts Wildfire.” Of course I had to read the journalistic feature to find out how this had possibly happened. I felt hoodwinked by the time I had finished the last sentence. It seems that a man was biking in an isolated area. He had a call of nature, specifically for a number two. Since there was nobody around he took a nice dump complete with cleaning himself with toilet paper that he had brought along just in case. Not knowing exactly what to do with the used paper he decided to burn it. Unfortunately the area was so dry that the tissue became a fire starter, quickly spreading and causing an out of control fire. 

I suppose that if you follow the sequence of events it might be construed that if the man had not voided his bowels he would not have needed to use paper to sanitize himself and there would have been no need to light the object that became kindling. The fact is that technically his poop did not start a wildfire. I was rather angry that I had fallen for the age old ploy of writing such a clever headline that it attracted my immediate attention. This tactic has been around for a very long time and is one of the reasons that I tell people all of the time that they can’t jump to conclusions just from a few carefully chosen words. It’s always wise to play a bit of detective work and find out the whole story.   Continue reading “Man Bites Dog”