Storm Mountain

i282600889610766440._szw1280h1280_The sun rises early on Storm Mountain. About five in the morning the first hints of light peek in through the window. Within thirty minutes the sky is aglow with a gorgeous show of pinks, oranges, and yellows in the east. Just in case everyone is sleeping so peacefully in the cool mountain air that they don’t awaken in time to see this glorious start to a new day, a local rooster announces that it is time to rise and shine. Other than the sweet crowing of his cock-a-doodle-do there is no other sound in the little valley encircled by rocky peaks. It is a glorious way to begin the cycle of life anew. The air is clean and invigorating.  Anything seems possible in this lovely place. 

The wildlife enjoys the cool beginning of the day. It’s not unusual to see a couple of ten point bucks lounging just outside the bedroom window. Rabbits frisk along the driveway. Elk often visit the basement door. Hummingbirds zip about playing tag with one another. Butterflies flit among the wildflowers that cover the sloping hills. Dogs walk leisurely along the roads, not so much guarding their homes as exploring to see what might be about. It is a delightful pastoral scene. Continue reading “Storm Mountain”