Uncle Sam

i282600889612563115._szw1280h1280_New Orleans is a siren, a temptress who lulls unsuspecting innocents into her arms. She infects her unwitting visitors with a fever from which there is no cure. Forevermore they love her and must return again and again and again. I am one of those people who is so enamored with the Big Easy that I often find myself dreaming of walking the familiar haunts. When I have been gone too long I feel a longing and ultimately I find my way back to her. I revel in the sights, the sounds, the feast of the senses until I am satiated enough to return to my normal routines but the lovely NOLA is never far from my thoughts. She knows as I do that I will never resist her call. I will come back to enjoy her many charms. 

It was love at first sight for me forty seven years ago when Mike and I spent our honeymoon in New Orleans. I have told my children of the lovely secrets of the city and they in turn have fallen under its spell. The grandchildren that I have brought to visit understand her charms. As William Faulkner once said, “There are three cities in the United States, New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everything else is Cleveland.” Like Faulkner and Tennessee Williams and Ernest Hemingway I feel the pulse of life in this city as in few others. The food, the architecture, the music, and mostly the people intrigue me. Sitting on a bench simply observing the play of humanity around me is entertainment in and of itself.  Continue reading “Uncle Sam”

Going Home

i282600889611283721._szw1280h1280_On the evening of October 4, 1968, I found love twice. It began with an exchange of wedding vows to Michael Lynn Burnett, my soulmate and best friend. The day ended with my first encounter with New Orleans, Louisiana, a magical place that immediately caught my fancy and burrowed into my heart just as Mike had done. For forty seven years now I have found bliss with Mike again and again, especially in the most difficult times. I have also returned to New Orleans over and over and never tire of the feeling of being in a place that somehow speaks to my very soul. I will always be a die hard native of Houston but if I ever needed a second home I suspect that I would feel as comfortable in New Orleans as I do in my place of birth.  Continue reading “Going Home”