Gotta Laugh

i282600889609194724._szw1280h1280_In case you’ve missed it there is a great deal more going on in the world than just the events that have affected citizens of the United States. As is typical of the summer months the world is on fire. We need to closely monitor the economic crisis in Greece because one way or another it will have an effect on all of Europe and eventually the rest of the world. Spain, Portugal, and Italy are not too far behind Greece in having difficulties maintaining the social programs and monetary security of their governments. China is quietly weathering a slowdown in growth that the nation can ill afford. The governor of Puerto Rico has announced that the public coffers are empty and the territory will not be able to meet the obligations of outstanding bills. As if these developments were not worrisome enough on their own ISIS continues to rear its ugly head with terrorist attacks in France and Tunisia. They have boasted that many more countries may endure violence in the coming weeks. It’s enough to make one feel as though the world as we know it is coming to an end. All in all there seems to be little that those of us who are ordinary citizens may do and so I’d like to suggest that we learn how to laugh again. Continue reading “Gotta Laugh”