Lovely Letters

i282600889610292219._szw1280h1280_I vividly recall spending a great deal of time in fourth grade learning how to duplicate the Zaner Bloser cursive alphabet that hung on neat green cards at the front of the classroom. The E’s and the Z’s were the hardest and unfortunately the S’s also gave me grief, a terrible irony since my first name begins with that letter. I aimed to please especially since my teacher insisted that we master the swirls and the curly Q’s of the letters until we might have been able to forge checks for the inventor of that handwriting style. All in all I got fairly good but never really managed to make a decent looking Z. Years later when I was confident enough to be boldly independent I began to write with my own take on the letters that gave me the most fits. The result was quite legible and I have often received compliments from people who marvel at how well I mastered the art of cursive.  Continue reading “Lovely Letters”