A Remarkable Unremarkable Day

i282600889609383463._szw1280h1280_For as long as I can remember I have always had something fun to do on the Fourth of July. There has always been someone hosting a big party or Mike and I have been traveling. I don’t recall ever just sitting at home with no destination in mind. This year was far different from any of my previous celebrations and I found the experience to be enlightening.

Virtually everyone with whom I normally celebrate was out of town this year. I suppose that the four day weekend that most people had allowed them to travel a bit farther from home and they took advantage of the opportunity. My brother who so often opened up his beach home was in the far north of the United States. My eldest daughter who has hosted pool parties at her house for several years was in the midwest in anticipation of her eldest son’s orientation at Purdue this week. Mike and I had stayed in town because I was finishing up my term at summer school and we were planning a trip in early August.  Continue reading “A Remarkable Unremarkable Day”