You’re Kidding Me!


I devoured the Harry Potter series of books. I preordered the final installment and read it in between sessions of a summer class that I was taking. I had followed the story from its remarkable beginning and I worried that J.K. Rowling might ruin the adventure for me with a bad ending. To my utter delight the conclusion was as satisfying to me as the entire journey had been. I marveled at Ms. Rowling’s genius because I had been disappointed by the final chapters of so many volumes in the past. It would not have surprised me if she had somehow managed to ruin the spirit of the story.  Continue reading “You’re Kidding Me!”

The Unimaginable

i282600889609981333._szw1280h1280_It was late one night in October. I was driving home from a very long day at work, so close to my home that I would have been able to walk the rest of way. Suddenly I saw a flashing red light in my rearview mirror and the quick sound of a siren. At first I wondered if I was simply in the way of a sheriff on his way to a crime scene. It took me several seconds before I realized that he wanted me to stop. I had little idea why he was doing so but I complied and pulled close to the curb and turned off my engine while I waited for him to come to my window. 

By this time my heart was pounding in my ears. I was nervous and scared. I had no idea why I was suddenly the object of concern because I felt that I had been driving very carefully. It was the first time that I had ever taken that particular route to my home and so I was being particularly cautious. That I was being asked to stop was quite concerning and confusing.  Continue reading “The Unimaginable”

True Heroism

i282600889609940683._szw1280h1280_There has been a great deal of talk of late regarding what constitutes a hero. The concept of bravery is especially relevant for me because today I will begin physical therapy for my knee. I wouldn’t be particularly worried if I hadn’t let my imagination run wild. The doctor, the nurse, and several websites have described the rehabilitation process as being “aggressive” and have instructed me to take some pain medication before my scheduled appointment. I find myself wondering what they might possibly do to my somewhat fragile limb that would necessitate narcotics and my instinct is to take flight due to my fright. On the whole I prefer enduring any painful situation under the influence of sedation. When it comes to aches and sharp twinges I am admittedly a bonafide coward but nobody would ever know it because I refuse to act the part. Instead I have always been known as someone who can take more than a fare share of hurt. I simply refuse to allow anyone to see that inside I am often a bowl of mush. Continue reading “True Heroism”

Being Extraordinary

i282600889609898421._szw1280h1280_A small group of people from my high school class have begun to explore ideas for our fiftieth reunion. Where does the time go? Surely it was only yesterday when we sat inside the gym on Mt. Carmel Drive while our family and friends watched us graduate from our youth into the world of adults. I’m certain that each of us quietly dreamed about the future. I know that I was convinced that I would do something extraordinary. Of course I had little idea what that might be beyond a superficial understanding of what it really means to be more than just ordinary. Back then my thoughts involved fame, wealth, distinction. Mine was a vague picture of an existence that would stand out from the humdrum.  Continue reading “Being Extraordinary”

Our Story

i282600889609860863._szw1280h1280_When I was in high school I hated all of my history courses. Oddly enough I still managed to win the top history student award each time I took one of those classes. I still have my medals from World History and American History but I remember little of what I learned, or should I say memorized, back then. It was not until I went to college that I began to see the unfolding of civilizations as interesting subject matter. I had a particularly exceptional professor at the University of Houston who began his discussions of each era by insisting that we first learn about what life was like for the people who lived during particular times. He wanted us to be able to understand the world through the eyes of the people who were there, not those who vicariously wrote about them decades or centuries later. He also used a number of first person sources to demonstrate the conflicting points of view that were in vogue in each moment and place. He believed that only by immersing ourselves in the customs, beliefs, economics, and traditions of the times would we be able to truly appreciate why different events transpired. He insisted that the flow of history has been far more complex than we generally imagine.  Continue reading “Our Story”