Mighty Women

i282600889618506063._szw1280h1280_Mike and I got home after dark yesterday from a weekend in San Antonio. It was a quick trip so it was relatively easy to unpack and settle in for the evening. We had eaten dinner on the road which meant that I didn’t have to worry with cooking. We were both feeling a kind of happy tired that we get when we’ve had a good time and neither of us was up to any kind of activity other than watching a bit of television. I took out the remote control for the television and began surfing aimlessly when I saw that Fried Green Tomatoes was showing. That was it for me. I just had to stay right on that channel even though I’ve seen the movie over and over again. Every single time that I watch the film or read the book I find myself wishing that I had enough talent to produce the kind of classic that Fannie Flagg did when she wrote the enchanting story. The movie itself is a perennial choice in the catalog of my all time favorites. While it showcases a tour de force of talent that I appreciate it mostly reminds me of just how important my female relationships have been.  Continue reading “Mighty Women”