We the People

i282600889619167926._szw1280h1280_I recently created a bit of a stir among my former classmates by mentioning that I never learned much about Texas History in school while I was growing up. Many of my long time friends not only insisted that we indeed had a strong grounding in the story of our state but that it was also quite exciting. Others believed like me that the topic of Texas was rarely if ever mentioned in our classes. I suspect that Texas may have been part of the curriculum somewhere along the line but was so uninspiring to me that I blanked it out of my mind. I had a great education in my youth but social studies failed to enchant¬† me the way the other subjects did. I recall mostly reading from a textbook and then memorizing dates and facts. It was not until I went to college that my fascination with history and politics was born.¬† Continue reading “We the People”