The Golden Snitch


I often gave my students mini character lessons in between teaching them about linear equations and the quadratic formula. Among my tried and true suggestions was that they work hard when young so that they might enjoy a less stressful future. I’m not sure that many of them understood what I was attempting to tell them but a few here and there got the gist of my idea. I had learned that it is far easier to get the degrees and certifications necessary for marketable job skills when one is young, energetic and mostly free from major responsibilities than when older. As the years tick by and adult duties proliferate it becomes quite difficult, though not impossible, to change the trajectory of life caused by the choices made along the way. Hard lifting performed in one’s youth usually pays big dividends later in life. I suppose that when I waxed eloquently on such topics most of my students found refuge inside their own thoughts. I most likely sounded like the infamous teacher in the Peanuts films, sound and fury signifying nothing. Nonetheless I had benefited from my own experiences and I hoped to reach at least one soul with my mutterings. Continue reading “The Golden Snitch”