Intolerable Salesman at the Door

i282600889611342609._szw1280h1280_I simply can’t resist weighing in on Donald Trump one more time even though I risk hurting the feelings of some of my favorite people. I have been amused, baffled, and even angered by his supposed popularity among certain segments of the population. I’m an informal student of human nature and so I have taken it upon myself to attempt to make some sense of the Trump phenomenon. I’ve forced myself to watch his press conferences and his rallies even though it nauseates me to do so. In the process I believe that I have determined just what makes his campaign tick.

Donald Trump is first and foremost a masterful salesmen. He’s the guy who can close the deal. If the Donald were one of the characters in Glengarry Glen Ross, he would undoubtedly win the Cadillac in the contest to sell worthless land. He’s the knife salesman who knocks at your door until you answer. Once he gets his foot in you are doomed to listen to his pitch. No matter how much you protest he will keep up his fast talking act until you finally surrender. He can sell anything: cheap knives, detergent, his own wacky ideas. Watching him in action is fascinating. He says nothing and yet sounds so confident that he tricks some people into believing that he has all of the answers. When pushed to explain how he plans to accomplish his goals he rarely gives any details. He just wants everyone to trust him because he is the great Donald.  Continue reading “Intolerable Salesman at the Door”

You’re Fired

i282600889609604063._szw1280h1280_If you follow my blogs regularly you had to know that I would not be able to resist the temptation to write about Donald Trump. For those of you who tend to be off put by political dialogue the short version of my analysis is that The Donald is and always has been a fake, a charlatan, a super salesman and huckster. Which is to say that he is a politician on steroids. Frankly I don’t think that we have seen a truly real and noble leader in my lifetime with the exception of Jimmy Carter who was eventually eaten alive by the usual folk who hang around the halls of government. Donald Trump is little more than a caricature of the political animal. If I thought that he had even a ghost of a chance of becoming the President of the United States I would be investigating the possibility of sitting out the next many years in Canada. Luckily I believe that rational Americans are already beginning to see through the smoke and mirrors that have been his stock and trade throughout his career. Continue reading “You’re Fired”