You’re Fired

i282600889609604063._szw1280h1280_If you follow my blogs regularly you had to know that I would not be able to resist the temptation to write about Donald Trump. For those of you who tend to be off put by political dialogue the short version of my analysis is that The Donald is and always has been a fake, a charlatan, a super salesman and huckster. Which is to say that he is a politician on steroids. Frankly I don’t think that we have seen a truly real and noble leader in my lifetime with the exception of Jimmy Carter who was eventually eaten alive by the usual folk who hang around the halls of government. Donald Trump is little more than a caricature of the political animal. If I thought that he had even a ghost of a chance of becoming the President of the United States I would be investigating the possibility of sitting out the next many years in Canada. Luckily I believe that rational Americans are already beginning to see through the smoke and mirrors that have been his stock and trade throughout his career.

I recall once reading a so called motivational article written by Mr. Trump. In the piece he explained that the key to success was persistence. He recalled that there had been a time when he was dead broke and selling cheap watches in a parking lot to anyone who would listen to his sales pitch. He pointed out that on some days he would be shunned and refused hundreds of times before he had successfully convinced even one individual to purchase his wares. He insisted that the volume of human contacts and the uniqueness of the effort to catch a person’s interest were the key factors in success. He pointed out that those who rise to the top in business have to stand out from the crowd. They must be willing to accept rejection more often than acceptance. Thick skin and a touch of audacity are the key ingredients to brokering a deal. 

In the same article Donald Trump emphasized that life is about taking risks. He admitted that he has been bankrupt on multiple occasions. He is willing to do whatever it takes to close the next big deal. It’s a game and he is good at what he does, so good that he has made millions of dollars many times over. During his years as a master manipulator he has changed like the proverbial chameleon, always hawking his wares by being fluid in his beliefs. In fact, he really doesn’t have a philosophy in the truest sense of that abstract idea other than believing that its a dog eat dog world and in this life it’s every man for himself. He will do virtually anything to feather his own nest.

For most of his adult life Donald Trump was a registered Democrat. He has openly donated to the campaigns of the likes of Harry Reid. He and Hillary Clinton were known to be the best of friends. In fact she attended his most recent wedding. At one time he was a vocal supporter of pro choice and often stated the need for a path to citizenship for immigrants who had come to this country without the proper visas. In other words, Trump seems to change whenever he sees an opportunity to advance himself. The reality is that he is not a crusader or some new form of populist avenger, he is still just the guy who comes to town with a big drum and a bottle of miracle elixir to sell. The fact that he really stands for nothing and has no loyalties to anyone or anything but his own vanity is no doubt the reason that he has been married and divorced so many times.

Very wealthy individuals often have a band of followers and hangers on whose sole purpose in life is to flatter. I imagine that as he popped off his big mouth here and there someone must have told him that he ought to run for President. Being the narcissist that he is he took the bait and now he is using his tons of money to force himself down our throats. As usual he has managed to fool the ignorant into believing that he represents more than what he really is which is, an empty suit with a very big mouth.

His opening salvo into the race was rude and crass and made Pinocchio sound like honest Abe. Using the grossest kind of hyperbole and manipulation of the facts, the Donald insisted that Mexico was purposely sending its riffraff to our country. He implied that those who have crossed the border are a band of criminals and rapists. He made his statements even more ridiculous by asserting that as President he would build a high wall along the border and then send the bill to Mexico. His commentary was theater of the absurd and should have spelled the end of his candidacy immediately. Instead his wacky ideas have caught fire in some circles and dupes reminiscent of the Dumb and Dumber crew are flocking to his rallies. It’s enough to make a grown woman cry. 

He certainly has the right to his opinion as does every single American but to see him as some kind of heroic figure fighting for the little guy is ridiculous. Most right thinking Republicans have already cringed by his very presence in their midst. They’d love for him to reignite his long association with the Clintons and leave them alone. Only Ted Cruz has come to his defense and I don’t think much of him either. Both men are troublemakers and individuals who have mastered the art of deception. They play on the fears of the weak but then I suppose that we’ve seen a great deal of that style of leadership of late from both sides of the aisle. 

I used to enjoy Donald Trump’s antics as long as he was just a crazy businessman with very bad hair who entertained us. He was a character and there was something amusing about his persona. He has never been someone that I would trust without having a lawyer by my side. He is superficial and represents some of the very worst characteristics of humankind. Still it was fun to watch him pretending to mentor young entrepreneurs and yelling out his classic, “You’re fired!” put down. There was a certain humor in the whole fake setup that amused me at least once but the lack of substance in the man bored me quickly. I never imagined that we were supposed to take him seriously.

I hope that his campaign runs it course and eventually dies the natural death that it deserves. He is far too much of an ignorant buffoon to run our country. With him at the helm we would justly become the laughing stock of the world. He reminds me of that mayor in Canada who kept getting himself into embarrassing situations. He has the finesse of a bull in a china shop and we the people deserve so much better. I can only imagine our Founding Fathers encountering him and wondering what sort of political animal he is. In fact, I can see him playing both sides of our national revolution from the standpoint of making just one more buck for himself. Like Benedict Arnold of old he would have been going back and forth between the Loyalists and the Patriots whenever the winds favored profit for his own pockets. 

Donald Trump is entitled to his opinions no matter how awful and bizarre they are. That being said we shouldn’t encourage him by falling for his circus act. The one thing that he can’t stand is being ignored. As long as there is even one story about him in the news his appetite for power and attention will be satisfied. The best thing that all Americans might do to rid ourselves of his obnoxiousness is to pledge from this day forward to ignore, ignore, ignore. That way he just might get the message that most of us want to send to him which is of course, “You’re fired!”


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