Closing Ranks

i282600889606944431._szw1280h1280_Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week and educators around the country were feted with breakfasts, luncheons, gift cards, and trinkets. Of course the standardized testing schedule is so crowded that there was no rest for the weary and school life went on in full force. It will be many weeks before teachers across the country get a bit of vacation and even then the legend of three months without work will not happen in reality. Teachers will work the summer school weeks in June or attend classes to keep their various certifications intact. By the last week in July they will once again be in full prep mode as they look forward to the beginning of the school year and to meeting a new group of students. It is the nature of the business to continually be in teaching mode that only those who have engaged in the profession or their families understand. Continue reading “Closing Ranks”