Don’t Blink

i282600889607323898._szw1280h1280_Be careful! Do not blink! While your eyes are averted time will slip alway from you. When you think to look again the hours and the days and the months and the years will be gone. The baby that you once held in your arms will be an adult. The long nights that you spent without sleep will be little more than a memory. The skinned knees, hurt feelings, and ceaseless questions from that tiny little one will become less frequent. You will watch as a child that once totally depended on you pushes away, becomes independent. It will make you both proud and a tiny bit sad as you watch the cycle of life play out before your very eyes. The thing that you hoped would happen does and it is a bittersweet moment. Love is giving your children wings and hoping that they will fly away to experience adventures of their own. It is the way of life and it happens sooner than you may ever think, so cherish every single opportunity that you have to enjoy your babies for soon enough, if you have done your job well, they will need to walk away so that they might be on their own. Continue reading “Don’t Blink”