Art is Beauty

i282600889607430590._szw1280h1280_Life is all around us and is especially notable at this time of year when the trees have burst forth in all of their glory and the flowers are blooming in an array of colors. People have come back outside with their children and their pets. The world is bursting with living organisms both seen and unseen. Of course it is in human beings that the magnificence of intellect is most apparent. We have used our minds over the centuries to harness energy and to understand the inner workings of our own bodies. The human brain is incredible and its abilities have given us domain over all of the earth. There have been those among us capable of eradicating diseases, creating machines that can fly, finding solutions to the problems that plague us. When we celebrate the accomplishments of mankind we often focus on the mathematical, scientific, and engineering feats that have made our lives more comfortable. We have risen above the animals because of our desire to do more than merely survive. We also possess a longing to express our feelings and our humanity and we often use art as a conduit for demonstrating just what a piece of work is man. Continue reading “Art is Beauty”

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