i282600889608265513._szw1280h1280_Imagine how different your life would be if the world insisted on judging you forever based on who you were as a teenager or a young adult. What would it be like if after making a mistake here or a wrong choice there you were forced to conform to the fate resulting from your immaturity? For most of us it would be rather grim indeed. Few people manage to do the right things from the time that they become adolescents. Most of us have regrets and may even be a bit embarrassed by the way we once were. Luckily we are usually given second chances, even third or more, to redirect the trajectory of our lives. We learn from our mistakes, build on our experiences and become stronger and better persons over time. Sometimes though there will be people who want to shove us into a pigeonhole and refuse to see us any other way than how we were in our youth. Continue reading “Undaunted”