Fast Cars and Good Times

i282600889608586941._szw1280h1280_These days whenever someone mentions fast cars in movies virtually everyone instantly thinks of Fast and Furious. If you’re my age you may instead remember the car chase to end all car chases in Bullet with Steve McQueen. For true aficionados this was indeed the quintessential pioneer of that genre. Set in San Francisco the climactic scene lasts a full ten minutes while Steve McQueen drives a muscle car through the steep and winding streets. It was innovative for the times back in the nineteen sixties and it still holds its appeal even with the somewhat dated music and the iconic dress of that era. I remember seeing it in one of the downtown theaters when Mike and I were still dating. If memory serves me we saw it with one of his buddies from St. Thomas High School. On the big screen it was almost as good as IMAX.    Continue reading “Fast Cars and Good Times”