When the Emporer Has No Clothes

i282600889608367339._szw1280h1280_We humans have done some strange things throughout history, often in the name of good. Slavery is an obvious blunder and for the life of me I will never be able to fully comprehend how anyone at anytime was able to believe that owning another human being was not wrong. Indentured servitude was bad enough but at least my ancestors who found passage to America by binding themselves to a contract for their labor knew that they would one day be free once they had worked off their debt. Slavery is just so heinous and so much of history is replete with stories of conquered groups of humans being used to build cities and fortunes. It took Moses to free the Israelites from Egypt and Abraham Lincoln to do the same for African Americans in the United States. Continue reading “When the Emporer Has No Clothes”

Keeping Promises


Have you ever agreed to do something and later wondered what you were thinking? I’ve got that dilemma starting tomorrow. At the end of the school year I said goodbye to my tutees and began to dream of long days with no obligations. Surprisingly an email appeared in my inbox asking me to be part of the summer school program. I quickly pointed out that I had already made plans for a camping trip during the second week of the session believing that I would be off of the hook but soon a reply came. The sender announced that it would be just fine if I had to be gone for a time. Before I even took the time to reflect on the pros and cons I had agreed to take part in the session. Now that I am one day away I find myself wondering why I assented to doing such a thing.  Continue reading “Keeping Promises”