Martyrs for Love

i282600889608773289._szw1280h1280_It was Wednesday night and nine lovely people of faith had gathered together for Bible study in perhaps the most historic Black church in all of the United States. They were all remarkable individuals who had done so much with their lives and yet they often paused to learn about the Lord Whom they so loved above all else. They were pillars of their community of Charleston, South Carolina, filled with such kindness that when a stranger appeared they welcomed him into their circle. They had no fear. This was God’s house, a place of safety and refuge. 

For an hour they read from their Bibles and spoke of the glory of God. He truly lived in their hearts. They were so busy but always Jesus Christ was at the very center of who they were. They were an interesting group whose ages spanned several decades. When they came together none of their differences mattered. They were all God’s children.  Continue reading “Martyrs for Love”