The Little Things

i282600889611672877._szw1280h1280_They say that the little things in life are all that matter, but what are those little things? For me  they always occur in a fleeting moment that surprises me and takes my breath away. Such memories are rarely planned, they just happen and become forever unforgettable. There are countless ways that someone or something can make life special and most of them don’t cost much, if anything. 

I remember those nights that I awoke to feed my daughters when they were first born and I was so weary. In the dark I gently rocked them and dreamed of what their lives would become. Not even my wildest imaginings equaled reality for I did not yet know just how wonderful life with them would prove to be. Sometimes it seems as though I sat with those infants only last evening. There is very little that I have done or accomplished that even begins to compare with those precious moments.  Continue reading “The Little Things”