An Amish Adventure

i282600889612424793._szw1280h1280_The northeast corner of Indiana is home to a large number of Amish families. In towns like Nappanee and Shipshawana these quiet and humble people live in simple ways that are reminiscent of times past. Yesterday Mike and I decided to follow the Heritage Trail that loops through the land where they work and worship. It was a memorable experience.

There is much talk these days about religious freedom. That is a topic that is near and dear to so many Americans. In fact, many of the earliest colonists in the New World came because they were being persecuted and often times jailed in Europe for their spiritual beliefs. The Puritans who traveled on the Mayflower had been chased out of one country after another. They dared to cross the Atlantic to the unknown out of desperation. Essentially they had no place else to go.   Continue reading “An Amish Adventure”


i282600889612404794._szw1280h1280_My recent journey has been about family, history, roots. It is only fitting that I would find myself standing in the middle of Notre Dame University in the middle of my travels because almost fifty years ago I made a personal decision about that place that would alter the direction of my life. As I have visited the locales where my ancestors once lived and worked I have reflected on the choices that they made that eventually led to me and my brothers. At Purdue University I thought of all of the forces of the universe that gave me my grandson, Andrew, and then brought him back to the place of his birth. Each of us has a rather amazing story if one really thinks about it. From the very beginnings of time the world has been moving toward the destinies that we call our lives.   Continue reading “Choices”