The Place of Peace

i282600889612593703._szw1280h1280_When the newly formed Confederate States fired on Fort Sumter to begin the conflict known as the Civil War citizens gathered on the verandas and balconies of the homes along the Battery in Charleston to celebrate what they believed would be a very short engagement. Almost a year later the battles lingered on and it would be three more years before the bitter feud between what had once been united states finally ended. The cost would weigh heavily on both sides, especially in terms of the lost treasure of young men. 

In 1862, both Confederate and Union armies had been gathering in a place that was unfamiliar to most people. In Corinth, Mississippi the convergence of two railroads provided the main supply routes between both the north and south and the east and west of the Confederate states. It was imperative to the rebel troops to hold that city in their grasp. It was also understood by the federal troops that to gain a foothold there would be a major blow to the Confederacy.   Continue reading “The Place of Peace”