Once Upon a Time

Fairytales can come true.

It can happen to you

If you’re young at heart…

i282600889611905699._szw1280h1280_When I was eight years old my favorite stories were fairytales and I really and truly believed that they were real. My beliefs were reinforced when I attended my first wedding. My eldest cousin, Leonard, was marrying a beautiful young woman named, Jeanne. The two of them seemed as close to being a prince and princess as any couple that I had ever seen. 

 I didn’t know Leonard as well as my other cousins. He was a good ten years older than I was and of course didn’t hang out with us younger ones. I was in awe of this handsome teenager to whom I was related. I worshiped him from afar and my esteem for him only increased when he introduced his lovely girlfriend. My aunts told me that Jeanne had been a popular cheerleader and beauty queen at her high school. I never knew if what they had told me was true but she certainly fit my impression of the kind of young woman who would have been revered by her classmates. The best thing about both Leonard and Jeanne is that they were always so kind and friendly to everyone. They were gorgeous and talented people who were simoly down to earth.  Continue reading “Once Upon a Time”

An Angel

i282600889611922014._szw1280h1280_There are angels who live amongst us. I have been fortunate enough to not only get to know a few but also to number them among my friends. One of the loveliest of them all is Adriana Stovall. 

Life has a way of giving us what we need when we need it. I was working at Revere Middle School and both my boss, David Kendler, and his secretary, Eloisa Diosdado, moved to Sharpstown High School. They wanted me to go with them but I had an inner feeling that I needed to stay where I was. I was so sad to see my good friends leave. David had been instrumental in changing the course of my career. To say that I felt forever grateful to him is an understatement. Furthermore, Eloisa and I had been good friends for many years. We even rode to school together and I had taught both of her children. I knew that I would miss them terribly and I was so afraid of who might take their places. I needn’t have worried! The new principal, Ken Estrella, would become like a brother to me and his secretary, Adriana, would become a very special lifelong friend.    Continue reading “An Angel”