i282600889611819106._szw1280h1280_We all have dreams of accomplishing something important in life but the eternal question that remains unanswered is, “What is a life that is truly well lived?” When we speak of “winning” what do we really mean? How do we find that often illusive balance that allows us to shine in our work world but also to be a good and loving individual in our personal world? 

I struggle with such questions. As a society we are often quick to honor the man or woman who excels in a particular career while underestimating the worth of those who lead quiet but incredibly compassionate lives. Who is of more worth to society, the person who is the CEO of a major company or the daughter whose time is spent laundering her mother’s soiled clothing, purchasing her mom’s favorite foods, and visiting her aging parent everyday at the nursing home? Perhaps there is no fair way to compare people but the elephant that always seems to be in the room is that our society in general does just that. We are often in awe of those who have tangible accomplishments of title and wealth but undervalue the enormous contributions of stay at home moms, caretakers, and volunteers. We bow to the expertise of a college professor but may question the knowledge of an elementary school teacher. We somehow tend to rank the importance of each of the contributions to the betterment of the world in ways that too often undervalue some incredibly remarkable people and professions.   Continue reading “Winning”