Let It Begin With Me

i282600889612829216._szw1280h1280_Most of us wander through life searching for a modicum of happiness. Just what brings joy will vary somewhat from person to person. There are those who need little more than the dawn of a new day of possibilities to feel a sense of satisfaction and others who appear to be constantly seeking some unknown evasive goal. As we go about our business each day we never really know what will happen to us. There are surprises and tragedies and routines awaiting us. Most of us work hard, plan, prepare, and even pray for blessings. We faithfully follow the rules, take care of ourselves and those around us and follow a steady course. In the back of our minds we almost always believe that we should somehow be rewarded for our diligence and good faith. The reality is that such recognition doesn’t always happen. We are not immune to disappointments, rejections, challenges, loss, and even death. All too often we have to shoulder responsibilities and hard times that seem unfair and may even prompt us to question every aspect of who we are and what we believe. Maintaining optimism in the face of severe hardships is a daunting task and yet we have all witnessed those incredible individuals who somehow find the strength and the will to do so.   Continue reading “Let It Begin With Me”