Cabbage Casserole

i282600889613578572._szw1280h1280_It is almost criminal that we can’t just enjoy eating any type of food that we wish. Unfortunately consummate foodies often develop wide waists and the health problems that go along with increased weight. Thus it has been with my Mike. He so enjoys a well prepared meal, but then who doesn’t? For some time now I have found myself playing the role of a wicked nag as I insisted that he do something to curb his appetite. You can imagine how well that went. Aside from shooting dirty looks at me Mike did little to improve his health. I had all but given up when a miraculous thing happened. 

Mike had gone in for his annual visit with his doctor and the subject of losing weight came up much as it has every year for awhile now. That visit coincided with Mike’s fiftieth high school reunion. The collision of events turned out to be wonderful coincidence. While Mike was laughing and joking with his old buddies at the final event at The Ragin Cajun, one of the guys who also happens to be a doctor began poking at Mike’s belly with his finger and noting that Mike could stand to lose a pound or two. Dr. Simmons admitted that he has always been the kind of doctor who tells his patients what they need to hear, not what will make them feel good. In that spirit he went on to challenge Mike with the following commentary. “If you have a heart attack and die,” he noted, “you won’t really care, but if you live and can’t even get yourself up from the toilet, it’s pretty terrible. Likewise, if you die from a stroke, no problem, but if you live and can’t communicate or get around life becomes unbearable.”  Continue reading “Cabbage Casserole”

Changing Places

i282600889613529009._szw1280h1280_In an article that I saw on Facebook a former teacher turned administrator spoke of spending a day shadowing a student and taking part in all of the activities including doing labs, taking tests, and completing the homework. She found that this little exercise was a defining moment for her. Suddenly, by walking in the students’ shoes, she had a fairly good idea of what their school days were really like. Sadly her analysis was not particularly favorable toward the routine of classrooms. 

The educator learned that during much of the day students spend inordinate amounts of  time sitting and being urged to stay quiet. She found herself wanting to get up and stretch and the instinct to yawn was quite difficult to overcome. By the end of her experiment she was more exhausted than she ever imagined she might be but there was no rest for her weary mind because she still had hours of homework to do. All in all she developed a whole new attitude about the life of a student and wondered if we all too often expect behaviors from our young that we ourselves would not want to endure.  Continue reading “Changing Places”