The Reunion

i282600889613003257._szw1280h1280_This is going to be a very big day for Mike. Tonight he and I will join a group of his peers to celebrate the fiftieth reunion of the Class of 1965 at St. Thomas High School. Next year it will be my turn. As I sit here this morning I find myself wondering where the time went. When I first met Mike he had only been out of high school for just under two years. We were both attending a birthday party for my cousin who was also a graduate of St. Thomas. There were other St. Thomas alums at the celebration that night as well. Most of them lived on the near north side of Houston and had been friends for many years. All of them loved their alma mater, especially Mike. 

After Mike and I had married one of my aunts found a photo of the St. Thomas High School graduation of 1965. Ironically Mike and I are standing next to each other in the image, each totally oblivious of the other’s existence. As I recall even my cousin was more than anxious to complete the family formalities on that day so that he might get on with the real celebration with friends. It would take awhile before I saw Mike again. By then he had spent two years at Loyola University in New Orleans which turned out to be a very bad fit for him. Having an alcoholic roommate, a nearby pool hall, and the French Quarter just a trolley ride down the road didn’t help him to focus on academics nor did the choice of a major that didn’t quite capture his interest. Seeing the handwriting on the wall he returned to Houston to consider his future and so happened to be in town when the invitations to the party where we met were extended.   Continue reading “The Reunion”