Being Aware

i282600889613828825._szw1280h1280_It’s that time of year when elementary aged children get assignments to create projects for one or more of their classes. I have mixed views on such things because I always loved the creative aspects of those types of requirements. I think that I have always been a bit of an artist at heart. I enjoyed doing the research and I’ve always had a knack for writing. Projects were always fun for me but I wonder how I might have done in today’s world given that my family had a very tight budget to say the least. 

I suspect that my past efforts may have lacked the style that some teachers seem to expect in the present. My illustrations would have been handmade because I can’t imagine my mother finding enough extra cash to purchase a computer, a color printer, and the paper and ink to make the photos look as lovely as they now need to be for such efforts. Any additional materials would have had to come from what already existed in our home. I became quite adept at turning boxes and milk cartons into fantastical creations. Sticks and stones from the yard were my logs and mountains. My completed projects almost always had my childish signature on them. It was obvious that I had done them by myself and without spending funds that my mother didn’t have. The teachers were always content with my submissions because they wanted to see my work, not that of an adult.   Continue reading “Being Aware”