Son of a Bitch!


Like many people across the world I spent Saturday and Sunday reacting emotionally to the terrorist attacks in Paris. My feelings ran the gamut. I was shocked, sad, angry, afraid, confused. I felt a sudden kinship with my fellow human beings in Paris whose world had so suddenly been shattered on what should have been an ordinary launch to the weekend. I quickly realized that a friend with whom I had attended high school was in the midst of that terrible night. She had been posting photos of her travels during the day and I had enjoyed seeing the images of the Louvre. What should have been a memorable trip suddenly became a nightmare for her. She was caught up in the maelstrom of chaos that descended on the city. Nobody really knew what might happen next and she was quite naturally shaken even as she sat in what she hoped would be the safety of her hotel room. Luckily for her things turned out well but I suspect that she will never again feel quite as secure as she once did. Perhaps there is now a lingering bit of paranoia in all of our minds. That is the true definition of terror and its purpose. Continue reading “Son of a Bitch!”