Holiday Memories

i282600889615078531._szw1280h1280_I love this time of year and as I drive back into my old neighborhood to tutor students I have a sense of deja vu. I remember a time my mother and I would prepare for the holidays by cooking and baking up a storm. By the end of our labors we would have a stack of tins filled with luscious delights to share with friends and family who invariably dropped by to wish us well.

Back then we had a metal kitchen table with a formica top. It may not have been elegant but it was great as a prep area. It didn’t really matter how littered it became. It took little time or effort to clean it as good as new and ready for the next meal or project.

My mother’s specialty was Chocolate Fudge which also became a favorite of our guests. Maybe I’m embellishing my recollections but it has always seemed to me to be the best version of chocolate fudge that I have ever eaten. It was an elegant treat that Mama only created for the Christmas holidays. We waited with anticipation when Thanksgiving arrived and she gathered the ingredients together. We wanted to devour the homemade candy as soon as it was finished but Mama always made us save it for the special times that would be coming in the weeks ahead.  Continue reading “Holiday Memories”