It’s Raining Inside!

i282600889615308748._szw1280h1280_I woke up yesterday morning and discovered water leaking from the upstairs bathroom into the kitchen pantry. Of course I was angry. Mike turned off the water to the toilet and the drip, drip, drip stopped but it took well over an hour to remove all of the sodden items from the shelves that were now damp. A few days before Thanksgiving is hardly the time for a plumbing emergency but we have become all too familiar with making desperate calls for help during this past year. Obviously we’ll have to bite the bullet and take the unwanted and untimely expense on the chin. I might not even be thought too selfish if I were to complain a bit and feel somewhat sorry for myself. After all everyone understands how aggravating such an experience can be. Continue reading “It’s Raining Inside!”