Lemon and Honey

i282600889615528908._szw1280h1280_I’m in the throes of my annual bout with laryngitis. Unfortunately we have yet to have really cold weather to kill off whatever allergen is responsible for my yearly froggy voice. I can’t recall ever enduring weak vocal chords on Thanksgiving Day but thus it was yesterday. The timing was most unfortunate because I had the opportunity to converse with relatives in a marathon of conversation. My swollen larynx let me down. By the end of our big family celebration I had become a fly speck on the wall by default, simply listening to whatever everyone had to say. When I tried to talk I was only able to muster a creak or a croak. In a strange twist of fate my affliction lead to one of those profound serendipitous moments of reflection when a kind of pleasant epiphany overtakes the brain. 

I found myself simply watching and listening to the chorus of conversations and activities taking place all around my brother’s house. At first I heard only a cacophony of sounds but as I earnestly settled into observation mode I began to sense the harmony of love filling the corners and the rooms. My extended family is a diverse bunch to say the least. My sister-in-law was born in China but grew up in Taiwan with her siblings who have become as much a part of my family as they would have if we were connected by blood. All of my nieces and nephews were there along with their children. I noted a range of skin hues that went from a lovely dark olive to a milky complexion festooned with freckles. The eyes of those present were mostly brown just as mine are but a few among us boasted lovely shades of blue much like my grandmothers had. My sister-in-law and her siblings wore dark bountiful heads of thick healthy hair and those who carry the more European genes had lovely golden blonde curls.   Continue reading “Lemon and Honey”