Body and Mind

i282600889617197836._szw1280h1280_There are only twenty four hours in a day, seven days in a week. Our time is limited by the constraints of nature and the demands of living. We are only able to do so much within the boundaries that define the rotation of our planet. Each of us must prioritize and compromise based on the activities that we must do and those that we want to do. We are rarely completely free to determine how to allot the minutes and seconds of each moment of our existence. There is always work to be done, much of which determines of our ability to simply survive. In our modern world we are continually on the move, sometimes teetering near exhaustion and often setting aside personal goals in favor of service to the people in our sphere of influence. We tell ourselves that soon, very soon, we will devote a portion of each day to pursuit of very personal goals, but all too often we set them aside in favor of doing for others. The hours and days and months and years go by and we realize that we have neglected to fully develop our dreams or even to be good to ourselves. It is in our natures to be self sacrificing and to often put our own needs at the end of our list of things to do. Continue reading “Body and Mind”