Chief Executive

i282600889618255998._szw1280h1280_In one week the political run up to the presidential election will begin in earnest with the first primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire. They will finally provide us with a peek at what real Americans are actually thinking. Most of us are already exhausted from the furor leading up to this big day. It’s difficult to imagine that it will only become worse as we move slowly but surely toward November and the final resolution of who will next serve as our nation’s president.

Much has been said and written by the various players in this incredibly important contest. After all of the money has been spent and the arguments have been presented it will be up to the common man and woman to cast ballots. Voting for the President of the United States or for any other office is a moment that we must never take lightly. Our choice will determine who becomes one of the most powerful people on earth. It is incumbent upon each and every one of us to use the most rational aspects of our abilities to think critically rather than emotionally. We need to remember that, in truth, a great president is one who is not beholden to a particular group but one who always considers the needs of all citizens.   Continue reading “Chief Executive”