The One


I remember a family member once asking me if I thought that the man that she was dating was “the one” for her. She had experienced real heartbreak before and she wanted to be certain that she was indeed with someone who truly loved her before she agreed to a lifetime commitment with him. 

I was flattered that she thought that I might be wise enough to distinguish real feelings of caring from those that are often induced by runaway emotions. I also felt a bit inadequate to decide something so important for her. I chose to ask her a series of questions. The first being, “How do you feel when you are with him?”

Without hesitation she smiled and said that he made her feel like the most important person in the world. She has a very stressful job and he understood her need to relax and laugh once in awhile. She said that he seemed to like her and think of her as being beautiful whether she was all decked out in her best hairdo and outfit or she was scraggly and in sweats. All in all she insisted that time spent with him always made her happy.  Continue reading “The One”