Wings and Broomsticks

i282600889618316666._szw1280h1280_Women are angels and when someone breaks our wings we simply continue to fly on our broomsticks. We’re flexible like that. 

This morning I read a report from CNN that during the big snowstorm of last weekend only women from Congress showed up for work. They somehow managed to find a way to travel through the snowbound roads and get safely to their offices. It doesn’t surprise me in the least. Women have been quietly getting things done regardless of the circumstances since the beginning of time. 

When everyone in a household is bedridden and sick with the flu, the woman in residence will pull herself together just enough to care for the sick. She’ll make some soup and check on the children and push herself past her own fever and headache. She does what needs to be done without notice or fanfare. She somehow finds the energy to carry on even when all she really wants to do is sleep for a week.   Continue reading “Wings and Broomsticks”


Finding Fairness


Throughout history there have been people who have felt that the powerful have held unfair sway over them. In virtually every corner of the world there are stories of anger, revolt, change. As humans we want justice and equality but don’t always feel that we have it. We often forget that our own country was founded by lawbreakers, traitors, men who had grown weary of what they saw as tyranny from the British government. Had they eventually lost the Revolutionary War they might have gone down in history merely as trouble makers, rabble. Even with their win, most of the world was not quite yet ready for them. Oddsmakers gave them little chance of ultimate success. Their laws were radical for the times but they also made the mistake of being too exclusive in their delineation of rights. By leaving women and slaves out of their equation for democracy they had already laid the foundation for eventual problems. It is always among those who feel left out that the push for change begins and with enough effort and belief their anger topples those who would hold them down.  Continue reading “Finding Fairness”