Love Yourself


We have lost some icons of the artistic world in the last few weeks, not the least of whom was one of Mike’s classmates at St. Thomas High School. Most of our departed were no more than two years older than I am. Their passing really puts life into perspective and makes me determined to take care of myself and Mike as best I can. The reality is that sometimes even with the a healthy lifestyle and incredible medical care death simply happens. What that tells me is just how necessary it is to squeeze as much life out of every single day as possible. 

Mike and I have met ourselves coming and going to doctors’s offices since the beginning of the new year. As my cousin, Terri, notes, at least we have the doctors and the insurance to take care of all of our woes. Mike has to lose weight which is no big surprise to either of us. I’ve filled my refrigerator with tons of vegetables. I’m thrilled that we now have a Sprouts near our house and I also plan to make regular visits to the Airline Farmer’s Market and Central Market in search of fresh produce. It will be good for both of us. I’ve developed a bit of a rubber tire around my waist which I despise so neither of us have eaten a slice of bread, a morsel of potato, or any kind of rice, cracker, or wheat product in two weeks. I already feel better. It’s amazing how much more energy I have.   Continue reading “Love Yourself”