Yellow Brick Road

i282600889617548129._szw1280h1280_One of my youngest nephews was watching The Wizard of Oz on Saturday. He’s a rather articulate little fellow given that he is not yet three years old. He spoke with great enthusiasm about the movie that seems to be his favorite, at least for the moment. It occurred to me that it takes a bit of daring for a little boy to view a film that features witches and flying monkeys but he seemed unfazed by the sometimes scary storyline. He was mostly focused on the ruby slippers, the yellow brick road and the songs. He was more than willing to show all of us the proper way to behave in the land of Oz, a rather new development in his usually somewhat shy demeanor. His new found bravery around people that he doesn’t see very often represents a major leap forward in his personality. He is learning to trust and to try new things, even when they may be difficult to do.   Continue reading “Yellow Brick Road”