This Too Shall Pass

i282600889619860559._szw1280h1280_I usually experience a high level of excitement on voting days. On the occasion of the Super Tuesday primary I am instead feeling fear and foreboding. Back in the summer when everyone who has ever been a member of the Republican party decided to run for a shot at the head job in this country it seemed ludicrous to believe that Donald Trump would be anything other than an amusing distraction in the nominating process. There were the usual flakes in the Republican pack who would no doubt be ignored by thinking party members but Trump was in a league of ridiculousness by himself. The most serious contenders gave him little or no attention back then because, like me, they viewed him as little more than a buffoon. Soon enough all of us who had been convinced that there was no meat to the Trump campaign would realize that somehow he had managed to capture the hearts and minds of a considerable number of Americans. Today he is poised to emerge as the winner of enough delegates to essentially make it mathematically impossible for anybody else to emerge as a contender for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Continue reading “This Too Shall Pass”