Timeless Wonders


I have a friend who purchased an RV upon retiring and she has been living on the road ever since. I know firsthand just how tranquil her life must now be. It’s rather wonderful to wake up in the morning to a woodland scene or where the vista is a lake or a mountain or both. The pace is as slow as you want it to be and there are so many breathtaking places to see. It is a luxury that I would wish for everyone at some point in their lives. Enjoying such a lifestyle is incredibly rewarding. Through our travels I have learned what a remarkable country we have. 

It would be easy to become negative in the face of all of the dire predictions from our politicians. Out on the road it becomes apparent that ultimately we are going to be just fine. Our resources both natural and human are abundant. Sure we have temporary difficulties here and there but for the most part life is good for Americans. We just have to be certain that we care for the wondrous treasures that we have.  Continue reading “Timeless Wonders”