Out of Thin Air

i282600889620228683._szw1280h1280_This did not begin as a banner morning for me. I jumped on my scale first thing, just as I have been doing for weeks, only to discover that I have somehow gained weight in the last couple of days rather than losing. So much for living off of a low calorie count of fruits and veggies and low fat meats, not to mention three mile walks each day. Next, as I ate my two hard boiled eggs and a banana I perused the news on CNN learning that Donald Trump carried the day in the latest primaries. To top it all the big rain that I was counting on for my plants didn’t seem to have materialized in my neck of the woods. We got some sturm und drang but only a smattering of precipitation. I was bummed out but determined to be the master of my own outlook on life when I saw today’s Google doodle peeking curiously out of the corner of my laptop screen. With one click I was soon grinning like a kid who had discovered a big refrigerator box in the middle of the living room. I forgot all of my temporary woes.  Continue reading “Out of Thin Air”