A Day of Happiness

i282600889620795891._szw1280h1280_On March 20, 2013 the United Nations celebrated the first ever International Day of Happiness, decreeing that every human on earth has the right to pursue happiness. Sadly there is no possible way to insure that all people actually have a shot at feeling joyful, even if for only a day, but it is a noble cause. Perhaps a bit more publicity for the event might have been in order. It was promoted so quietly that I actually missed it altogether, as I suspect many did. I luckily had a most pleasant day but I wonder how many souls were too busy attempting to survive in a sometimes quite threatening world to be able to pause for twenty four hours to enjoy life the way that the UN intended?

Here in my tiny corner of the world March 20 was a sunny first day of spring with a nip of coolness in the air. In other words, for me the weather could not have been better suited to lifting my spirits. The fact that I had just completed a most lovely time camping with my grandchildren and then celebrated my sister-in-law’s retirement with my extended family heightened my spirits so much so that I found myself thanking God for the blessings that He has bestowed upon me. A mini-reunion with high school friends for the purpose of planning our fiftieth anniversary fling later this year brought laughter inside my heart. An evening Skype session with one of my grandsons was like the cherry on top of a rather perfect day.   Continue reading “A Day of Happiness”